I am thrilled to announce that my play Alice of Hearts will be performed by The Young Company Theatre in Cairns in December this year. Best wishes to Michael Elliot, the TYC Artistic Director, and his team for the production. I hope the play is a success for you all.


My ten minute play The Urban Jungle was performed at Lansing Community College in Lansing MI, USA, in May this year, and was directed by Danica O’Neill. I would have loved to have seen it, but I am assured by Danica that it went very well and was well received by the audience. So thank you to Danica and her team for producing the play and I’m delighted that they enjoyed doing it.


Warts and All had a very successful season at The Canberra The Theatre Centre in April this year, and was well attended. Thank you to all of you involved in the production and all of you who came along. We also had excellent reviews which you can view on this site.

There was more good news about the play when it was awarded the runner-up prize in the B.A.T.S. Theatre company’s Edith Brook Cooper playwriting award in June 2014. Thank you to B.A.T.S. Theatre company for this honour and for the $1000.00 second prize.

More pleasing news came in this week when I learned my play Sanity Man was a finalist in the Arts and Letter’s One Act playwriting competition (literary journal at Georgia University, US). Unfortunately, I simultaneously learned that I did not win, so I’ll be launching an inquiry into that shortly. No doubt I will uncover a conspiracy so deceitful that its like has not been seen on US soil since Watergate! Or, worse still, I may find the winning play is better than mine (not bloody likely!)