The 11th Hour Christian

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 65 mins | Cast: 5 (2 men, 3 women)

David, a man in his early twenties, was severely bullied by his older brother Brent when he was a kid and is still scarred from it. Brent now lies in hospital dying of cancer. David refuses Brent’s attempt to reconcile, and believes his brother is getting what he deserves.

However, to David’s horror, Brent miraculously recovers after claiming to have prayed to Father Elliot, a 19th century Catholic missionary, to intercede on his behalf. He prayed to him at the urging of Vikki, a volunteer hospital visitor, who is convinced Father Elliot is… read more »

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The Cure

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 95 minutes | Cast: 4 women, 2 men

Sarah is a nineteen year old paraplegic whose parents return home early from a weekend away to discover her over the knee of a middle-aged man who is about to spank her. As a result, her mother attempts to take control of her life and get her involved in “healthy activities”. Things only get worse for Sarah from there: the man who was about to spank her rejects her, and a support worker obsessed with wheelchair basketball gets her involved with a gender studies tutor at the university, who is determined… read more »

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The Reluctant Shopper

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Duration: 70 mins | Cast: 4 (2 men, 2 women)

The economy is in trouble and The Business Council is very worried about its members. So they take drastic action – they blackmail a wealthy young tax avoider, Sam, to start spending in their members’ shops. But there’s a problem – he’s a Scrooge who hates shopping!

However, Barry, from the Council, is not easily put off. And when he brings Sam together with Lisa, a beautiful young shopping addict, the money starts to fly, but with unexpected results.

The play was first produced by Long Run Theatre Productions in… read more »

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Warts and All

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Warts_and_all_100x100-04Duration: 100 mins | Cast: 4 women, 2 men

Simon is seventeen years old. He has just been sent to stay with his grandmother in Queensland for a change of scene after his life was turned upside down after developing osteoarthritis, which destroyed his promising running career.

His grandmother is in the midst of writing the family history, which she unsuccessfully encourages him to help with. However, when the ghost of a long-dead relative appears to Simon he starts to work on the family history and unwittingly reignites a feud with some long-estranged relatives.

Warts and All was produced by… read more »

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The Underground Ark

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Duration: 70 mins | Cast: 5 (3 men, 2 women)

The climate has changed and the planet is now too hot to live on. An elite group of professionals are now living underground with the goal of repopulating the country when, and if, it cools down. Five of the women are pregnant, but all are suffering from a life-threatening condition. Only a brilliant Obstetrician can save them, but he’s suicidal. The pregnant psychiatrist comes up with a plan to cure him, but it breaks the rules of the society and may lead to a devastating revolt. Will the babies survive? Or is… read more »

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Alice of Hearts

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Duration: 100 mins | Cast: 14 (3 women, 2 men, 9 roles of either gender)

Alice is back in Wonderland. She is now twenty-five, although she thinks she’s still seven. She came back to have fun, but can’t have any because Wonderland is now run by a cost-cutting CEO. He has put the citizens to work in a jam tart factory and cutback (executed) the rest. Alice decides to try and free them (The Duchess, Mad hatter, White Rabbit, etc), and take them into the garden where they will start a Utopian society and lead beautiful lives. But… read more »

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The Role Model

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The Role ModelDuration: 90 mins | Cast: 4 male, 2 women

Scott is a retired Olympic Swimming champion who has just ruined his motivational speaking career by sleeping with his best mate’s wife. The media and public have turned against him, and, worst of all, his motivational speaking dates have all been cancelled. How will Scott make a living now?

Wanda, his manager, comes up with an idea to change his image. She gets him involved with Beating the Blues – an organisation that helps young people overcome depression through an exercise program. The idea is that Scott will help with the… read more »

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The Clever Country

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Duration: 100 mins | Cast: 4 men, 3 women

A wild romp of a comedy that asks, what’s our country coming to when university science enrolments have fallen so low it now takes a higher tertiary entrance score to study fashion design? And what can be done about it? The Minister for Science decides there is only one way to get students enrolling again– make science sexier! Prepare to be delighted as science, fashion design, fame and sex appeal collide and combust in this outrageous comedy on a serious subject.

It was produced by Long Run Theatre Productions in October… read more »

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Simon Says

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 95 mins | Cast: 4 women, 3 men

Caroline suddenly left school just before her final exams to live and work at a weight loss centre in the country. She has refused all contact with her family since. An expert tells her it is a weight-loss cult!

Sandra, her mother, hires Harry, an exit counsellor, to kidnap Caroline and takes her to a farmhouse in the country to educate her about the Centre so she will not return to it.

However, Harry has an enormous problem to overcome: Caroline is much healthier and happier than she was before moving… read more »

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The Role Model II

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The Role Model IIDuration: 90 mins | Cast: 4 male, 2 women

Scott is up to his neck in it again. This time he manages to get a vase stuck in his anus – he says he slipped on it – and someone in the hospital photographs him in this embarrassing pose. Wanda and Scott then have to deal with a blackmailer over the photo. But when it gets loose on the internet things fall apart not only for Scott, but for everyone else who’s involved with the Beating the Blues. And when all seem hopeless, an unlikely romance could be what saves… read more »

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