The 11th Hour Christian

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 65 mins | Cast: 5 (2 men, 3 women)

David, a man in his early twenties, was severely bullied by his older brother Brent when he was a kid and is still scarred from it. Brent now lies in hospital dying of cancer. David refuses Brent’s attempt to reconcile, and believes his brother is getting what he deserves.

However, to David’s horror, Brent miraculously recovers after claiming to have prayed to Father Elliot, a 19th century Catholic missionary, to intercede on his behalf. He prayed to him at the urging of Vikki, a volunteer hospital visitor, who is convinced Father Elliot is a Saint and deserves to be canonized.

Brent claims to now be a Christian and a better person. David does not believe a word of it and is determined to disprove it. Vikki decides to help David get the hate out of his heart, while searching for the elusive second miracle from Father Elliot to get him canonized. David does not respond well and decides to get Father Elliot as well as Brent.

Is Brent really a better person? Will David get the hate out of his heart? And will we see that elusive second miracle?

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Posted on December 5th 2013 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

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