Alice of Hearts

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Duration: 100 mins | Cast: 14 (3 women, 2 men, 9 roles of either gender)

Alice is back in Wonderland. She is now twenty-five, although she thinks she’s still seven. She came back to have fun, but can’t have any because Wonderland is now run by a cost-cutting CEO. He has put the citizens to work in a jam tart factory and cutback (executed) the rest. Alice decides to try and free them (The Duchess, Mad hatter, White Rabbit, etc), and take them into the garden where they will start a Utopian society and lead beautiful lives. But there’s a problem: they don’t want to be freed. In fact, they are all trying to capture Alice so they can win a brand new car. Alice decides to free them anyway.

This play can be purchased from at, but you can read an extract here:

Extract – Alice of Hearts

Posted on June 12th 2012 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

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