The Too Hard Basket

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 40 minutes | Cast: 3 men, 2 of either gender

Gordon and Adrian are public servants tasked with giving hope to people who have none left. However, their jobs are in danger as they are about to be audited and if their success rate is judged as poor they will lose their jobs.

They are stressed out of their brains because the case they are working on is getting nowhere. Two tramps who have been threatening suicide await Gordon’s and Adrian’s advice to determine if their lives are worth continuing. Gordon and Adrian are terrified if they give the wrong advice the tramps will kill themselves and thus end their careers. Can they come up with the right advice and save the tramps, or will their careers come to an end?

Download Play / The Too Hard Basket – 184kb PDF

Posted on December 9th 2010 in All Plays, One Act Plays

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