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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 95 mins | Cast: 4 women, 3 men

Caroline suddenly left school just before her final exams to live and work at a weight loss centre in the country. She has refused all contact with her family since. An expert tells her it is a weight-loss cult!

Sandra, her mother, hires Harry, an exit counsellor, to kidnap Caroline and takes her to a farmhouse in the country to educate her about the Centre so she will not return to it.

However, Harry has an enormous problem to overcome: Caroline is much healthier and happier than she was before moving to the Centre. She has transformed from a seriously depressed and overweight girl, into a beautiful, fit young woman. And this new-found attractiveness has a powerful effect on all those involved in “educating” her, especially Harry, whose own weight problems are exploited by Caroline and undermine his ability to counsel her. Then one of Caroline’s old friends from the Centre
turns up and things really go off the rails.

The play was first produced by Long Run Theatre Productions, Canberra, in March 2009.

Download Play / Simon Says – 373kb PDF

Posted on December 9th 2010 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

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