Closet Professionals

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 30 minutes | Cast: 2 men, 2 women

Max and Dave are strangers hiding upstairs at a fancy dress party. Max claims he’s just having a break from the party, while Dave claims he’s there to choose a fancy dress costume. However, neither is willing to tell the other the truth. And when Dave asks Max his profession Max refuses to answer because he says people are judged on their professions rather than who they really are. Max is clearly sensitive about what he does.

However, Dave is persistent and shortly they descend into a fantasy world where they dress up in fancy dress costumes to act out the professions they claim to work in. Will their true professions, and why they are hiding upstairs, finally be revealed?

Download Play / Closet Professionals – 188kb PDF

Posted on December 9th 2010 in All Plays, One Act Plays

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