Adults Only

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 60 minutes / Cast: 3 men, 2 women

Frank, John and Julie work in the Complaints Unit of a sex toy company called Adults Only. However, they are not getting any complaints due to people being too embarrassed to complain. Just when it looks like the unit will be closed down they get a shocking complaint against a mail order telephonist. John says he knows who it is – Rex Barrington, a former colleague he claims to have heard abusing a client on the phone. Julie doesn’t believe it because Rex won the company’s client service award, and she also has feelings for him. The investigation into Rex begins with John out to get him and Julie out to save him. It involves voice recognition tests, client service showdowns and a finale with the company’s prize products – the Backdoor Tickler and The Pleasure Pogo!

Download Play / Adults Only – 283kb PDF

Posted on December 9th 2010 in All Plays, One Act Plays

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