Bruce Hoogendoorn photoWelcome to my website. The purpose of the site is to promote my plays to prospective producers around the world. The plays are comedy/dramas, a number of which have already been performed. The most successful of my plays so far is The Role Model, which has had four productions in Australia. It also won the Inscription Open award in 2006, and as a result was workshopped at The National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney with Edward Albee. Warts and All was performed in Canberra in April 2014, and was awarded the runner-up prize in B.A.T.S. Theatre Company’s Edythe Brook Cooper Playwriting Competition in the same year. The Underground Ark was performed in Canberra in June 2012, and was performed by Goldfields Rep Club in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, in March 2013. Alice of Hearts was produced by Helena College in Western Australia in May 2012; by Helsinki Attic Theatre, Finland, in May 2013, and will be performed by The Young Company Theatre in Cairns in December 2015.

The plays have been through the usual hoops all playwrights have to jump through these days: dramaturges, staged readings and audience feedback. Fortunately, the plays have survived these (in fact, thrived on them), with feedback leading to only mild anger and violence on my part. So I now feel confident that they are good enough to present them to anyone who cares to read them.

The plays were written with the intention of them being performed for adults, but some of them are suitable for youth theatre groups as well, such as The Role Model and Alice of Hearts.

Also available are two ten minute plays and three one act plays. Both the ten minute plays were performed in Short and Sweet Sydney in the final ninety, and The Urban Jungle also made the final ten of Canberra Short and sweet 2009.

So feel free to read any of the plays, and I hope you like them. More importantly, I hope you decide to produce them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy theatre-producing!

Bruce Hoogendoorn

Warts and All | The City News Review

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“WARTS and All” is a well rehearsed and strongly performed new comedy by prolific local playwright, Bruce Hoogendoorn.

It’s delivered with unpretentious charm by a strong cast led by two rival grandmothers. Oliver Baudert in drag is perfect as Alice, a boastful old woman who would go to the opening of a hat box. Helen Vaughn-Roberts’ Margaret is dry, wry and played with impeccable timing. The relationship between Margaret and her depressed teenage grandson Simon (Will Huang) is strong, funny and real.

The intergenerational ghost story tackles themes of family pride, personal identity and reconciliation with the past. While visiting… read more »

Posted on May 1st 2014 in Reviews

Warts and All | Stage Whisper’s Review

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Seventeen-year-old Queenslander Simon, retreating at his grandmother’s house after an injury, gets more than he bargained for in the return of a deceased family member. This light-hearted tale of skeletons in the family closet, sometimes subtle, often straightforwardly funny, well paced and well articulated, has much to recommend it.

Characters varied sufficiently to keep it unpredictable; the timing of line delivery was excellent; and the surprises were all happy ones. Simon’s odd north American accent I found distracting; but every part was acted well. Special mention, though, must go to Oliver Baudert, who played Simon’s great-aunt Alice with surprising believability;… read more »

Posted on May 1st 2014 in Reviews

Warts and All | Canberra Critics Circle Review

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Reviewed by Bill Stephens

Bruce Hoogendoorn is probably Canberra’s most prolific playwright, having written and produced six of his own plays in as many years. His latest play, Warts & All, which Hoogendoorn directs himself, is his most accomplished and entertaining work to date.

Warts & All follows the story of a young man, Simon, whose promising athletic career is jeopardised by the onset of osteoarthritis. Simon is sent to live with his grandmother, Margaret, who, in an effort to shake him out of his depression, encourages him to join her in preparing a family history. Though reluctant at… read more »

Posted on May 1st 2014 in Reviews

Warts and All | The Canberra Times Review

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In an age when genealogy seems all the rage, Canberra playwright Bruce Hoogendoorn capitalises on popular fascination with such programs as Who Do You Think You Are? to lay bare family secrets in his new comedy, Warts and All.

Hoogendoorn’s humorous entertainment about hidden secrets, family conflicts, skeletons in cupboards and cans of worms is sure to bring a smile to the face and keep one guessing to the very end, when all will be revealed.

The plot is simple enough. Simon (Will Huang) visits his grandmother after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which will bring his dream of becoming a… read more »

Posted on May 1st 2014 in Reviews

The 11th Hour Christian

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 65 mins | Cast: 5 (2 men, 3 women)

David, a man in his early twenties, was severely bullied by his older brother Brent when he was a kid and is still scarred from it. Brent now lies in hospital dying of cancer. David refuses Brent’s attempt to reconcile, and believes his brother is getting what he deserves.

However, to David’s horror, Brent miraculously recovers after claiming to have prayed to Father Elliot, a 19th century Catholic missionary, to intercede on his behalf. He prayed to him at the urging of Vikki, a volunteer hospital visitor, who is convinced Father Elliot is… read more »

Posted on December 5th 2013 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

The Cure

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Alice Of HeartsDuration: 95 minutes | Cast: 4 women, 2 men

Sarah is a nineteen year old paraplegic whose parents return home early from a weekend away to discover her over the knee of a middle-aged man who is about to spank her. As a result, her mother attempts to take control of her life and get her involved in “healthy activities”. Things only get worse for Sarah from there: the man who was about to spank her rejects her, and a support worker obsessed with wheelchair basketball gets her involved with a gender studies tutor at the university, who is determined… read more »

Posted on December 4th 2013 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

The Reluctant Shopper

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Duration: 70 mins | Cast: 4 (2 men, 2 women)

The economy is in trouble and The Business Council is very worried about its members. So they take drastic action – they blackmail a wealthy young tax avoider, Sam, to start spending in their members’ shops. But there’s a problem – he’s a Scrooge who hates shopping!

However, Barry, from the Council, is not easily put off. And when he brings Sam together with Lisa, a beautiful young shopping addict, the money starts to fly, but with unexpected results.

The play was first produced by Long Run Theatre Productions in… read more »

Posted on December 4th 2013 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

Warts and All

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Warts_and_all_100x100-04Duration: 100 mins | Cast: 4 women, 2 men

Simon is seventeen years old. He has just been sent to stay with his grandmother in Queensland for a change of scene after his life was turned upside down after developing osteoarthritis, which destroyed his promising running career.

His grandmother is in the midst of writing the family history, which she unsuccessfully encourages him to help with. However, when the ghost of a long-dead relative appears to Simon he starts to work on the family history and unwittingly reignites a feud with some long-estranged relatives.

Warts and All was produced by… read more »

Posted on November 14th 2013 in All Plays, Full Length Plays

The Reluctant Shopper | The BMA Review

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The Reluctant Shopper

Column: In Review   |   Date Published: Wednesday, 26 June 13   |   Author: Rory McCartney   |  

The Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre
Wed-Sat June 19-29

Now ‘reluctant’ and ‘shopper’ are two words that rarely go together these days, as the welter of mid-year sales sweeps the ACT again. (Try getting between my daughter and a ‘bargain’ Fossil handbag and you could be endangering your safety.) Prolific Canberran playwright Bruce Hoogendoorn’s works have examined societal issues ranging from climate change to internet… read more »

Posted on November 12th 2013 in Reviews

The Reluctant Shopper | The Aussie Theatre Review

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29th June, 2013

The Reluctant Shopper
Reviewed by: Rochelle Whyte on Wednesday 19 June 2013

The Reluctant ShopperIn the writer/director Bruce Hoogendoorn’s own words, “what if, the government had no money to hand out during a recession? What would we do then? Team up the shopping addicts and the tax avoiders and set them loose in the CBD!”

And that is pretty much this play’s narrative. Pertinent too, because our spending levels simply cannot keep increasing exponentially. The material smartly plays with the narcotic effect of shopping and acquiring. But just who is doing the persuading if the government is no… read more »

Posted on November 12th 2013 in Reviews
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